Why are we here… Part II and Mondays


I am sharing this post again.  It was the first post I created when I started my blog a few weeks ago.  I know that it hasn’t been viewed yet, and it really speaks to the heart of what my intentions are for doing this.

Yesterday was a hard day for me.  Mondays often are.  We lost Heather on a Monday.  Yesterday was 9 months to the day since she has been gone.  There are very few hours that don’t go by without her entering my thoughts.   I guess I just wanted to put this post out there again, and invite some conversation.  I struggle with connecting with people that have experienced the same type of loss. What does that mean?  It means, This is HARD to talk about! If you have any words, to share, I would welcome the conversation.  If my words mean something to you, then I have served my purpose here today.  Thanks for taking the time. mt

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